RB is the new and main Lithuanian karting championship sponsor

RB is the new and main Lithuanian karting championship sponsor

Only one week left until the start of the RB Lithuanian karting championship. Anyksciai kart track will host the first stage race within April 21st and 23rd. New season will start the seventh decade of karting in Lithuania. It is going to be quite interesting, because cooperation with colleagues from Latvia and Estonia meant track newness. Our country's racers will compete in neighbouring countries, and they will come to race in Lithuania as well. Competing with Latvians and Estonians will allow a chance to see who is faster.


Lithuanian karting championship contenders will not only have added motivation to overtake the neighbours, but also KZ2 class drivers will have a chance to compete with world rally-raid champion Rokas Baciuska. RB, that is how the racing world is used to calling the 23 year old Lithuanian automobile sport star, is becoming the new Lithuanian karting championship sponsor.


Aspires to be an example and motivator


The new Lithuanian Karting Federation partner Rokas Baciuska commented, ‘My history in automobile sports started from karting. My first big achievements in childhood and teenage years were namely from racing karts. Naturally, now, further successfully stepping in the autosport way, I want to motivate and inspire all participants. I believe that with my name I can bring not only more attention, but also more partnerships, entertainment and interesting prizes’.


Furthermore, Rokas' decision to become a motivator for younger kart racers is not a new concept. In the automobile world, even in karting, such collaborations are pretty popular. For example, in Italy „Trofeo Andrea Margutti“ race has been taking place for 34 years. This race is well known and prestigious in the whole of Italy, not one F1 pilot participated there.


Excited Lithuanian Karting Federation president said, ‘The idea is very nice, because Rokas is the only racer in Lithuanian history to claim the world champion title. We hope that this partnership will be new and beneficial to both sides. Rokas is definitely an example not only in Lithuania. It will be a unique experience for our growing generation of champions to not only see Rokas in different stages, but to race him as well. After all, most of the best racers in the world start their career in karting. 


Karting race - great training


Even though Rokas Baciuska competition calendar is very intense, the driver is going to attend the Lithuanian karting championship stages with pleasure. It is a good opportunity for Rokas to keep his form and for his competitors in the KZ2 class - more motivation to perform better.


Rokas Baciuska will have to miss the first stage of the RB Lithuanian karting championship because he is going to participate in the third world championship stage in Mexico. But in Siauliai in May, June in Aukstadvaris, July in Kursenai and September in Vilnius, you will be able to spot Rokas either racing or cheering for other drivers off the tracks.


World champion Rokas said, ‘For me, driving in this year's Lithuanian championship will be more like training and representative, because I will not be able to participate in all stages due to my intense schedule. But I can say that our karting drivers are very fast. The last few years showed me that no one gives me an advantage and to win a medal I have to fight hard’.


In 2023 RB Lithuanian karting championship will have 6 stages, one of them will be hosted in Riga, Latvia. Also, 3 stages of the “Baltic Cup” are planned, one of them in Lithuania. Gold, silver and bronze medalists of all categories will get an exclusive prize. Rokas Baciuska will reward the winner with an invitation to his exclusive event “Master class with world champion”. This event will consist of introduction with the machinery Rokas Baciuska drives, a motivational seminar, a drive with the champions buggy and commemoration of all moments. The Lithuanian Karting Federation in partnership with “Energy Corse” will award the winners of OK, OK Junior and KZ2 categories with a chance to participate in a competition in Italy. “Energy Corse” will provide the drivers with a chassis, an engine, tires for the competition, fuel, services of a telemetry analyst and the driver will only have to cover the expenses for travel and accommodation. The second and third place winners for the first time ever in the Lithuanian Karting Federation history will be awarded with monetary prizes.


Many stages this year will happen over two days, because besides the championship and the cup, in the tracks will compete “Rotax Max Challenge Lietuva”, “Baltic Karting Academy” and “Retro” communities. The drivers will race on Saturdays and on Sundays.


First RB Lithuania karting championship stage will start next week. Championship ambassador Rokas Baciuska is waiting for the “Sonora Rally '' race in Mexico, where he will try to keep the first position in this year's world championship.